Together - a unique and innovative multifunctional solution for individual work with the ability to quickly switch into gathering for meetings; physical, digital and hybrid, or simply for some group work together.

Together makes it possible to use the office space in a better and more effective way. With Together, you can reduce the number of large meeting rooms that are not being used or only used by a few employees most of the time, and instead invest in smaller rooms where you can work both individually and in groups.

Designer Spectrum / Wivian Eidsaunet, Christoffer Näs, Ulf Almfeldt

Measurements & Variants


Together mini
Width: 1000mm
Length: 1300mm

Together medium
Width: 1300mm
Length: 1600mm

Frame option

Electric adjustible leg.
Wooden massive leg,  heigth: 740mm, 900mm.

Screen size

Together mini
Heigth: 950mm (790mm above table top)
Length: 1300mm

Together medium
Heigth: 1200mm (1040mm above table top)
Length: 1600mm


Additional Powerdot Ø60  (One powerdot Is already Included In the table)


Table top and edges

Wood legs with beam

Electric legs with beam

Power outlet

Control unit

Cable tray


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  • Neutral and elegant design.
  • Unique control unit in brass.
  • Honest and tactile materials that contributes to a feeling of happiness.
  • Soft shapes that contribute to a feeling of being safe.


  • Two different sizes as standard Together (4 legs) and Together MINI (3 legs).
  • Available as electric height adjustable or with a fixed base.
  • Cables are hidden inside the sound absorbing screen.
  • Flat screens and camera is always on the right height.
  • Prepared for 180 degrees camera.
  • Tailor-made design for hybrid meetings.
  • Perfect for physical meetings during presentations on a monitor.
  • The sound absorbing table screen provides privacy and better acoustics.
  • Employees’ experience of a meeting will be equivalent wheather they participate physically or remotely.
  • The base is placed in the center of the table to avoid collision with chairs and legs.
  • The core of the table screen is prepared with fields in solid wood to simplify the attachment of the monitor, camera and speakers.
  • Powerdots provide electrical outlets for the users. Cables are hidden underneath the table.


  • An expression that will always be appealing.
  • All parts are replacable.
  • PVC-free electronics.
  • Max 0.1W, when the table is not in use.