Code of Conduct

“You are valuable because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you have done -but simply because you are”

Max Lucado


Ragnars brand and products stand for innovation, design, quality, locally produced and sustainable. To comply with this, the following policies are values ​​that permeate the entire company and are rooted in all our employees. As a supplier to Ragnar Inredningar, you are expected to assist and comply with these in full.

The basis for our policies is:
• UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)
• Article 32 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
• UN Declaration against Corruption
• ILO core conventions on forced labor, child labor, discrimination and freedom of association, and the right to organize (Nos. 29, 87, 98, 100, 105, 111, 138 and 182).
• Work environment legislation according to ILO 170 (on safety when using chemical products), ILO 155 (on occupational safety and health), other work legislation & environmental protection legislation applicable in the country of manufacture.
• The labor law, including legislation on minimum wage & social insurance protection that applies in the country of manufacture.
• Global Compact’s ten principles on environment, labor law, human rights and anti-corruption.
• Agenda 2030 – UN Global Sustainability Goals for Local & Global Development with regard to People and the Environment.
• ISO 9001 and 14001.

Human Rights

Ragnars respects and promotes human rights both within our own business and in our supply chain. We must ensure that we do not participate, directly or indirectly, in human rights violations such as:
• No form of child labor may occur.
• No form of forced labor may occur.
• No form of discrimination and harassment may occur.
• Ensure freedom of association and collective bargaining.
• Offer legal wages and working hours.
• Ensure a safe and hygienic working environment.
This applies both in our own organization and in the supply chain.

Business ethics & anti-corruption

Ragnars operations must be conducted in accordance with good business practice, promote free competition and maintain a high ethical standard. No form of corruption, abuse of power, bribery or money laundering is allowed. Ragnars shall not directly or indirectly offer or give undue payment or other compensation to any person or organization for the purpose of obtaining, retaining or directing business or gaining another undue advantage within the framework of its activities. Ragnars shall not directly or indirectly request or accept any form of improper payment or other compensation from third parties that may affect the objectivity of business decisions. Confidential information concerning Ragnars or our customers operations may only be used for the purpose for which it is intended.

Sustainability and Environment

Management and employees vision is to hand over a healthy and sustainable society to our children. To achieve this, we conduct our business with regard to the environment and comply with local and national environmental legislation.
By having routines in accordance with ISO 14000 to identify, measure and monitor our environmental impact, we are constantly working to improve our environmental performance and minimize our energy and resource consumption as well as emissions (to land, water and air). Consideration must also be given to the environmental impact, as well as the impact on people, when choosing materials. We work with chemical management systems and proactively with minimizing and phasing out hazardous substances in products and production. Ragnars strives for a life cycle perspective regarding the environmental impact of products and services, and will set environmental requirements for subcontractors. This means that Ragnars consciously strives to use as much recycled material as possible in products and packaging. The waste generated must be disposed in a systematic and environmentally manner that enables a maximum proportion of recycling and reuse.

Quality policy

Ragnars quality will be the basis for future business. Ragnars products must be characterized by durability, long life and environmental awareness. Ragnars builds its production according to “right from me” where each employee has the task of calling their part of the job and come up with suggestions for improvement to constantly raise the quality. The goal is for Ragnars to reduce its complaints year by year in order to strive for 0%-complaints.

Employees & labor law

Ragnars Inredningar has a collective agreement and follows the laws that apply to labor law in Sweden. We have 0-tolerance to alcohol and drugs. Employees at Ragnars must have influence, meaningful tasks and opportunities for personal development. New recruitment of vacant positions takes place primarily through internal recruitment. We work to make employees feel healthy, enthusiastic and harmonious.
The aim is for all employees to have a fair salary. Salary development is based, as far as possible, on objective facts about core competencies such as experience, quality level, efficiency, competence depth, competence breadth, enthusiasm and team spirit.


At Ragnars, we expect that as soon as someone discovers that we do not comply with the above policies, this will be reported to the CEO for evaluation and action. The person who reports is protected by law and no form of retaliation, such as termination or relocation may be issued. In case of suspicion concerning the CEO, this must be reported to LDG’s Group Management.