In general

In a world of mass consumption where quantity and price are often prioritized over quality and good design. We stand for a different philosophy.

We are currently in a process of change where we are creating circular concepts that involve zero climate impact.

The next challenge will be to develop radically new concepts that can be a positive and regenerative force for society and the planet. With the vision that nature, society, economy and technology work in harmony so that all life flourishes.

We see the resources we use as borrowed from the planet. It is our responsibility to manage them for new resources and not rubbish. We can achieve this by:

  • Circular timeless design directly from the drawing board.
  • Flexible solutions that, like chameleons, can be used for different activities.
  • Use recycled materials with long life-cycle that age with beauty.
  • Services for re-using products in new solutions.
  • Services to easily repair or rebuild products.
  • We apply Circular Business Model Canvas to, in groups of people with different perspectives, create new circular business models.

In specifics

  • Ragnars invests at least 2% of the Ebit result from the previous year to be self-sufficient in electricity. This takes the form of supplying electricity through solar cells and/or reducing consumption through new technology. The goal is to be CO2-neutral by 2028.
  • We only buy green electricity that is renewable.
  • Many of our standard products are certified with the Furniture Label and/or the Swan Label. This ensures that our products meets the market’s requirements for the environment, is manufactured in accordance with ethical guidelines and complies with international requirements for quality.
  • Ragnars production is located in Småland outside Jönköping, Sweden. 70% of the cost of our purchases is from suppliers within a radius of 100 km from the factory.
  • Products can be delivered knock-down to minimize the impact of transport on the climate. It also minimizes the need for packaging.
  • We encourage our customers to re-use. Therefore, we offer the service to, unconditionally and free of charge, together with customer and architect inventory and reuse existing components. We produce quotes on new components that are needed to get the whole thing together.
  • We strive for all parts to be replaceable, if any part is damaged or if you want to change to another surface on some parts. It also means flexibility by being able to rebuild existing furniture and only produce the new parts needed instead of a new piece of furniture.