Frames is Ragnars brand new storage series, a modular storage and room dividing system that fills the ever-changing demands of the contemporary workspace. Shelves, cupboards, and personal lockers are complemented with plant boxes, to include more plants for a natural and healthy work environment.

Frames offers endless combinations as the system can be open or closed, high or low, wide or narrow or even a combination of it all. It’s a very flexible system, to say the least. Frames can be customized to meet different kind of needs. Above all it can be adapted to changing needs since all parts of the system are replaceable.

Design Protected, Reg. No. DM/222044

Designer Studio&Friends / Sofia Dahlén + Johan Ragnar

Measurements & Variants

Base Frame (bottom shelf Included)

Base sizes


Frame extension (bottom shelf included)

Extension sizes

Cabinet (one shelf included)

Note1: To distribute weight, at least one cabinet should be
placed at bottom or second row of the base frame.

Note2: If the 1st row is open, you have to order an additional shelf underneath the cabinet.

Frame cabinet with one hinged doors (push2open)

Frame cabinet with two hinged doors (push2open)

Frame cabinet with Three hinged doors (push2open)

Frame cabinet with Wingline system (push2open sliding/hinged doors)



Flower box



Lock systems:

  • Lock systems with RFID
  • Bookable systems with Bluetooth and apps.


Base Frame



Flower box


At Ragnars we believe in the strive for perfection. Do you have an idea of how you want products customized to create a magic solution? Please, challenge us with your ideas!


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  • Contributes to biophilic experiences thanks to the
    possibilities to integrate plants in the furnishing.
  • Tactile materials with a frame in massive wood and anti-fingerprint treated ”soft” surfaces.
  • Perfect as a transparent room divider in open floor plans.
  • Minimalistic storage, without visible handles, where the front and back look the same.


  • Frames is a flexible, smart and elegant storage solution that offers endless combinations.
  • The concept can be adapted to changing needs thanks to all parts in the series being replaceable.
  • Flower boxes can be added and used for both upright growing and hanging plants.
  • A sound-absorbing screen or a whiteboard can replace the back of the storage.
  • Bookable storage enables a higher utilization rate and therefore a lower investment (sharing economy).
  • Life expectancy is more than 50 years.
  • All parts are replaceable and joined with coupling fittings. If any part should be damaged, only the
    damaged part needs to be replaced.
  • Can be rebuilt for future needs.


  • Timeless, classic design. 
  • Life expectancy > 50 years.
  • Can be rebuilt for future needs.
  • Locally produced – Made in Småland.
  • Framework in FSC-certified solid wood.
  • Circular design where all parts are replaceable.
  • Including plants for a natural and healthy work environment.