Hannes Snellman

In December 2023, law firm Hannes Snellman moved into their new premises in Stockholm city centre. A magnificent, four-story office, overlooking the beautiful Kungsträdgården, designed and furnished by the talents at Spectrum Arkitekter.

The new spaces are well-planned, stylish and inviting, conveying a sense of calm and professionalism as soon as you enter the door. Much thanks to the soft colours and carefully selected, premium-quality furnishings and materials.

Our elegant Coinz series is featured on all floors, creating a harmonious and complete experience, with the significant solid brass coins softly shimmering in the light. The work desks, Coinz station, are featured with Coinz Acoustics plexiglass and tie beautifully together with the Coinz inspired, customized storage solutions.

Some of the smaller rooms have customised co.lab hybrid tables in Coinz style, and in several meeting rooms another Ragnars creation resides – the R5 Work Conference table.

Sustainability was the main focus in this project – making the office relevant and timless for years to come. A perfect match with the Ragnars mindset, and one of the key ingredients in our sustainability philosophy – quality and functionality that lasts for generations.


“Our vision was to create an exclusive office, focusing on the employees’ work environment while creating a trustworthy and competent image and experience for customers” Wiwian Eidsaunet, architect, Spectrum Arkitekter