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“Collaboration is a recursive process where two or more people work together in an intersection of common goals - like an intellectual endeavor that is creative in nature - by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus.”

Collaboration is all about discovery. Seeing things with the help of others that you would never have seen on your own. It might involve adding color to an otherwise monochrome pallet. Or finding new ways of combining technology and form. It might also involve finding new expressions in design with the help of a new pair of eyes. That’s why we made Ragnars.Collaborations. It’s a way for us to avoid stagnation and continue to develop our designs for as long as we live and create. But collaboration demands courage.

But collaboration demands courage. Paying heed to the ideas of others in your own thinking is not a given, but it is a prerequisite for development. The designers we collaborate with have to share our basic goals and visions – making furniture with personality and attitude that challenges the ordinary. Furniture that always puts the user in focus. Never furniture made for its own sake. Or for the sake of the designer. But besides this basic premise, we can be as different as you can get. In fact, the more different we are, the better. Having the courage to meet in discussions and reasoning generates a dynamic and a positive tension. Nothing new comes from standing still. That’s why we like to choose partners with different approaches and perspectives. Together, we can make furniture that exceeds most expectations – including our own.