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SERIES: The C5 Stealth Collection

Information society places new demands in the workplace. Our digital tools effect and change the way of communication both between customers and between colleagues. A continuous development of technologies for collaboration makes the traditional cell office phased out. The digital work tools allows us to work in multiple locations, home, office or traveling.

The designer Camilla Schlyter turned with her idea to Ragnars.

An Activity-based furniture that changes the direction of the room by its shape and creates new opportunities.

She wanted to highlight the possibility of a unique workplace with endless ways to decorate for different types of work.

Everything from single points of concentration to large groups for project work. Socially active and passive. The shape allows the formation of spatial dimensions of the workplaces, and it provides variations that make each workplace unique.

Today's workplace must solve several complex parameters. Of which the most important thing is to create a humanistic workplace in a time of great change. A workplace that makes employees feel seen and feel that their work is appreciated. To express this in working furniture is an important part of the design.

As a conclusion; The C5 Stealth Collection is the answer for an Activity-based humanistic workplace.