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Ragnars has been certified according to the ISO 9001 and 14001 standard since 1996.

Ragnars has a Code of Conduct that explicitly states what kind of core values that are to be followed in the daily business.

In accordance with Ragnars core values and code of conduct there is a continuous work for improving the social environment as well as keeping the environmental effects to a minimum. Examples of this work is that ragnars provides ErikshjÀlpen with furniture. Some of these furniture have been obsolete and thus they create benefits in terms of having a longer life span and keeping waste to a minimum and in the same time provide value that benefits people in need.

Ragnars also has been providing free furniture for different social projects for example as Ersta Diakoni.

Ragnars are proud to offer quality furniture with long life span and a larger than average longevity which in itself is positive for the environment.

The company has acquired the latest edition of the Nordic Eco label.